Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Heeby Jeeby Heaven

Long standing readers of this blog and that of my predecessor, Mr Murph, may remember that we acquired, or were acquired by, the lovely Lily in February of last year so she only has another 5 months to go of her probationary term of two years.

Here she is birdwatching from a portable hide in a Mablethorpe car park last week:

Apparently Petit Griffon Basset Vendeens, or PGBV's, or Heeby Jeebies were used for hunting but as one of the most scatter-brained, doolally creatures ever invented one wonders how they got on. With her boundless energy, tendency to run after scents with no sense, short memory and strange eating habits it is no wonder that the breed presents a challenge to owners and certainly would not be recommended as a part time pet.

Lily is the most classic "full-on or fast asleep" creature in the World, and in the Bi-Polar stakes she makes Stephen Fry look lightweight and veritably equatorial. Her dial is either set on zero or 11 with no gaps in between. She will be comatose in a basket for hours and then suddenly fly out and run up and down the stairs chasing Oz and grabbing teddy bears and anything that catches her eye as she emits the deepest, throatiest bark you could imagine. And although she comes from the Continent, when she travels in a car she isn't.

The other day little Pand sent us a picture of a pack of heeby-jeebies she had seen at a game fair, all off leads and appearing to act as a group under the direction of a Country Alliance person in wellies.


I suspect this has been Photoshopped because there is no way they would all be milling together in a big field. And I bet the UKIP bloke in the flat hat doesn't let them all sit in the front seat of his Range Rover in a big red bucket.


Dave said...

They do say dogs take after their owners.

Geoff said...

Griffon sounds Welsh to me. Maybe that's why she likes a leek in the car.

Scarlet-Blue said...

I want one....but without the leek/leak.

Rog said...

Dave: Actually now you come to think of it.... And with my beard and white socks I'm beginning to look like Oz as well.

Geoff: Could be true. And she's got a bach to dai for.

Scarlett: You need to look out for a BGV - that's a PBGV without the pee.

KAZ said...

You and Mrs Rine deserve an RSPCA medal for services to mad dogs.
Couldn't you slip a little valium into her Bakers?

Vicus Scurra said...

She seems a little too temperamental to me, so I would not have her in the front of the car advising me on the route.
I prefer a catnav.

Rog said...

Kaz: You are not wrong! We have thought of slightly overfeeding her to slow her down a bit. Genetics have bred in a mega-cute trait to stop people like us abandoning her on the railway - although I did just that 2 weeks ago!

Vicus: Very good. I bet if you ask the cat to tell you the way to town the response would be "Me? 'Ow?".

zIggI said...

ah but she's beautiful, what happens after 2 years? Does she get to decide whether to keep you or not?

KAZ said...

Your description of Lily reminds me of Kev.
I just hope that when he 'rushes about grabbing anything that catches his eye' he sticks with the teddy bears...or he will be abandoned on the railway

Rog said...

Ziggi: We'll extend the probation to 4 years. You have to keep them on their toes you know.

Kaz: If Kev has to sit on a waterproof blanket in your car it's time to worry. And Lily hasn't managed to finish the Guardian Crossword or knock out the chords to Mr Tambourine Man yet.