Thursday, 17 September 2009

Key for Longevity?

Contrary to beliefs held in certain quarters, there ARE one or two celebrities I don't despise with loathing and scorn. Yes, of course there is the coterie of Evans-Moyles-Clarkson-Edmonds but there really aren't too many more.... thousand.

Sadly two of my great heros have shuffled off in the last few weeks whilst the aforementioned bastards are lazing in their holiday homes.

Keith Waterhouse, a wonderful, readable and exciting writer who produced my all-time favourite novel "Billy Liar" left us a couple of weeks ago. He had been a bit of a grump in later years but had persisted with heavy champagne lunches and appealing cantankerosity till the end.

The other day Keith Floyd sadly joined him. Bon Viveur extraordinaire, his panache and extrovert style made his TV Cooking programmes infinitely more fun and enjoyable than millionaire businessman Rick Stein's efforts. And his programmes used the Stranglers music.

What is it about Keiths then?

They all appear to be attracted to a high-octane life to be lived in the fast lane.

That includes my brother Keith who is not included in the pictures here.

That's why my post title is "Keef or Longevity".


Dave said...

Keith Harris certainly burns the candle at both ends. That Orville the Duck is clearly an alcoholic.

zIggI said...

and Keith Moon. It's a naff name though isn't it? Doesn't sound like rabble rouser any more than a Nigel does. Curiouser and curiouser.

Sarah said...

AAh doesn't Keith Richards look fantastic, he certainly looks as if he has had fun! I reckon if Dave starts to have fun NOW , he too could look like that in 10 years...
Looks like he knows a good dentist too Rog..

KAZ said...

Didn't the first Keith write 'Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell'.
But Jeffrey's are not usually renowned for Hell Raising - unlike Geoffreys of course.
Say no more!
P.S. I loved Keith Floyd in his prime.

Rog said...

Orville: I wish that I had a mummy and dad but I don’t,
Keith: You don’t?
Orville: I don’t!
Orville: I often pretend my sadness will end but it won’t,
Keith: It will,
Orville: I won’t!
Keith: Look, Orville,
Orville: Yes?
Keith: Now that I’m here with you,
There’s nothing that you can’t do,
So why don’t you make a start
And hear what I’m saying, Orville?
Orville: Yes?
Keith: Who is your very best friend?
Orville: You are.
Keith: I’m gonna help you mend your broken heart.
Orville: Ahhh…

Yes, you're right!!!!

Ziggi: There was an original 1960's hit called 98.6 by "Keef". That sent the temperature raising.
People were always making plans for Nigel.

Kaz: He did write that - supposed to be based on Jeff 'n Keith's alcoholic ramblings in Soho. I'd love to have introduced Waterhouse to Floyd and bought shares in Diageo the day before. Floyd made such FUN programmes!

Geoff said...

Keith Joseph snorted cocaine off Thatcher's...

...Cabinet table.

Vicus Scurra said...

Sarah. I doubt whether Dave will improve that much.

Keith Miller. Definitely fits in with your analysis, Rog.

On the other hand, there is Keith Joseph.

Not to mention Keith Berry who was at my primary school. He never made a name for himself of any sort.

Roses said...

I see I have my work cut out for me...

I want to have Keith Richard's 'damn I've had fun' look. Slighty yellow, wheezy, blurry eyed look, with lots of eyeliner.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Penelope Keith! She's a bit of a goer as well.

Richard said...

I knew Keith Harris. A Keith Harris. Nice bloke, lived in Milton Keynes.

Keef Hartley, there's another.

Rog said...

Geoff: He was a proper Carlie and got up everybody's nose.

Vicus: Not THE Keith Barry surely?

Roses: If Keith gets lost he just looks in a mirror - the road map is etched on his face.

Scarlett: She definitely had a fling with Tom Good!

Richard: Key Fartley? Wotever happened to him?

Eternally Distracted said...

I am sure there is absolutely no need for the back of that chair to be so big ...

Rog said...

Eternally Distracted: You must be Maggie Philbin! Your name is perfect for blogging by the way.