Thursday, 29 October 2009

All in a Day's Work - I have a tail to unfold

Oz's day today must have reminded him of life at my previous salaried employment before I joined the rag and bone industry.

This is how it went for Oz and how it used to go for me most days:

1. It's a lovely day as Oz sets out for work.

2. Early morning enthusiasm once again takes over from experience and Oz says "Today is going to be a good one at work!"

3. After a short time at work, Oz quickly ends up covered in shit. Disgusting and very smelly.

4. After being covered in shit, Oz is further humiliated with a dressing down.

5. All that is left for Oz is to sit in his office and sulk.

6. Poor Oz. He needs to start his own business.


Dave said...

Perhaps he could specialise in the bones side of the business.

KAZ said...

Ah - the triumph of hope over experience eh?
But I notice that Mrs Rine got the dirty job to do.

Z said...

I remember after Al's first week as a shop-owning, self-employed greengrocer, he sat back with a satisfied sigh and said "I don't know why people say being your own boss is stressful. I think it's lovely." 'Course, that was before it occurred to him he'd never have a paid day off, sick leave, or a pension he hadn't fully funded himself.

Sarah said...

Oh very good Dave...clearly not that ill!

Roger said...

Dave: Excellent suggestion!

Kaz: That's because she's a control freak.

Z: ...and there's all those apostrophes to worry about!

Sarah: He's a brave little soldier isn't he.

Richard said...

Maybe he already is self-employed. Think about it: Oz chose to roll in the shit himself instead of having it dumped on him from a great height.

Macy said...

POOR OZ!! Was it Health and Safety who caught up with him??

Roger said...

Richard: Impeccable logic. He certainly did choose the badger shit unless the badger threw it at him.

Macy: Yes it was a joint anagram project by H&S with IT.

Geoff said...

For another work scenario, can you do a video of The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum?

With Oz in straitjacket, of course.

Scarlet Blue said...

Misread as 'Oz humiliated with a dressing gown'...
Oz is gorgeous. Oz for Prime Minister!

zIggI said...

how do you know it was badger poo?

Rog said...

Geoff: I'll get to work on it.

Scarlett: He brings a new meaning to the word "Brown".

Ziggi: Can't you see? It has that obvious Chris-Evans-Gingery look about it.