Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sally Traffic

When we were in our long distance (220mile) courting stage, Mrs Rine and myself found Sally Traffic on Radio 2 a Guardian Angel as we negotiated the 4 to 5 hour journey of Motorways and A-Roads.

"Police dealing with an Incident" and "Operation Stack" were phrases we dreaded, along with "Stationery Traffic on the M6" which turned out to be a massive delivery convoy of envelopes and writing paper.

Two things about Sally Traffic still puzzle me.

Firstly, we never hear from her colleague Maureen Harvaner on air, yet every traffic bulletin is signed off, "I'll be back with Maureen Harvaner". Spooky. Where is Maureen?

The other question is why she insists on using the word "earlier" to describe accidents. "There are hold-ups due to an earlier accident on the 62" doesn't need the "earlier" as an accident that wasn't "earlier" wouldn't have happened yet. I may have to take the matter up with her.

Mind you, I suppose there could have been a lot of tanker spillages and she could be referring to Oilier accidents. Like the show, Steve.


Dave said...

I have no idea about what you are talking. One doesn't get this sort of thing on the Home Service.

Macy said...

LOVE the show Steve, LOVE the show. If you don't LOVE the show you won't get your dedication read out. tsk
LOVE the blog. Post my comment!

Christopher said...

...or in Scotland 'earlier' = 'air leear', or one who fails to tell the truth while broadcasting.

KAZ said...

If it weren't for the dogs, I'd swear Kev wrote this blog.
He even has the woman's sticker in the back of his Berlingo.
I bet Maureen Harvaner does the Chris Evans show.
We'd never know would we?

Rog said...

Dave: They don't get much traffic in Norfolk. That's why pointing at cars is still quite popular.

Macy: I may have to surround myself with a "posse" of gurning clapping loons with each post.

Christopher: The words "hae ye had an accident pal?" have more serious connotations in Sauchiehall Street of a Saturday evening.

Rog said...

Kaz: OK I own up - I AM Kev. Now get your arse up here with a bottle of Sauvignon while I finish the Gaurdian Crossword and play a few random chords.

Geoff said...

I used to try to keep two chevrons apart on my journeys home from the West Midlands.

But the buggers were at each others throats.

Vicus Scurra said...

I'm with Dave. What is this Radio 2 of which you speak?

Dave said...

Vicus agrees with me!


Richard said...

Don't you think the way Lyn Bowles pronounces "Machynlleth" is just a little bit too suggestive for 10.20am?

(This post has officially marked me out as OLD)

zIggI said...

I have been saying Maureen Harvener for more than half an hour and now I get it. It doesn't work with a west country accent!

Sarah said...

Radio 2......bleh

I've tried really hard, I mean really hard to listen to Radio 2, 'cos I HATE Chris Moyles, but they play really CRAP music.

Z said...

I've got a 4 to 5 hour car journey on Friday. I'll listen out for Maureen every Harvaner. Might she be on Rado 3?

Rog said...

Geoff: I like it. Reminded me of the ditty by Half Man Half Biscuit.

Vicus: You'll grow into it eventually.

Dave: Faint praise indeed.

Richard: You are quite right. Lyn Bowles is a bit to pleased with herself though.


Sarah: You could join us on Kiss FM!

Z: I bet you listen to Opera in the Green Jag.

zIggI said...

Arfer Nar my lover, d'you know 'im?