Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dogs Dressing Up

Lily quite enjoys anthropomorphic activity amongst adults - providing a tasty biscuit rounds it off of course. Here she is waiting to welcome the visitors on Boxing Day.

Olivia was very pleased to see her two chums, although they weren't sure which way to turn.

Obviously you have to catch up with "who-is-the-tallest" and Lil is now slipping down the rankings.


Rosie said...

What a beautiful personality the little girl has. I may have to draw this.

Dave said...

Which one's Lil?

Rog said...

Rosie: Would love to see it!

Dave: The most wilful one of course!

Christopher said...

What a super little girl!

I hope you have pencil markings up the kitchen wall to keep a record of heights with dates - for dogs and others.

Z said...

I never thought I'd see Lily outshone, but Olivia's gorgeous. What a smile!

Roses said...

One, two, three...ahhhhh!

She's so cute!

And Olivia's lovely as well.


KAZ said...

From the look of that second picture, I think Oz might fancy Olivia more than Lily.

Rog said...

Christopher: Yes we do! I am as tall as the cake cupboard.

Z: Oz has got a smile as well but it looks a bit sinister.

Roses: You can't go wrong with dogs dressing up!

Kaz: Yes - Oz & Lil look like a typical married couple at a social function!