Saturday, 26 December 2009

Thought for the Day....

When John Profumo resigned from Government in 1963 after being caught shagging Christine Keeler he quietly spent the next 40 years cleaning toilets at the Toynbee Hall Charity in the East End of London where he worked as an unpaid volunteer for the rest of his life.

When Tony Blair resigned from Government in 2007 after being caught shagging the Country and the Middle-East he is estimated to have earned £18 million schmoozing and slime-balling his way round the World, charging £100k per speech to do useful things like opening an energy plant in Kazakhstan last month.

Now it appears we are financing this to the tune of £6,000,000 per year for his security arrangements, far more than is spent on Gordon Brown's security.

Fortunately I found another article in the Maily Telegraph to help me get through the previous story.


Jon Storey said...

Oh that can't be true, he is so handsome...

Sarah said... such a good it.

Is it new year yet?

KAZ said...

According to my Christmas present book - Profumo told the commons in 1963 "There was no impropriety whatsoever in my relationship with Miss Keeler".
An honest upstanding gent compared to Mr Bliar.

Vicus Scurra said...

Surely Blair deserves some credit for trying to keep dear Kaz warm?

Geoff said...

There was really no need for Cherie to punch the Pope just because he called Tony a war criminal over breakfast.

Z said...

But he's a pretty straight kind of a guy, surely? - he told us so himself so it must be true.

I went to the retirement party of Jim Prior, who'd been a friend of my parents for years, and who, as Northern Ireland Secretary during the Troubles, had considerable security - when he visited for dinner, his heavies all stood around the house. We arrived clutching our invitations, expecting to be frisked, and there was nothing. We just strolled in and were given a drink. All the security was withdrawn on the day he stood down.

I shall consider voting for Mr Cameron in the hope that Mr B's security will be withdrawn after the election.

Richard said...

I believe that I am at significant risk due to his and that other dense twat's wanking about. I suppose I'll just have to chance it.

Rog said...

Jon: Which on are you talking about?

Sarah: Be careful where you use it though!

Kaz: I don't think lying about the exact position of the weapons was as critical in his case. What a wonderful word "impropriety" is - so much more fruity than "shagging"!

Vicus: I'd still like to have seen him cleaning toilets for 40 years.

Geoff: And if you're called a war criminal by a member of the Hitlet youth you really have plumbed some depths.

Z: I can't imagine bluff old farmer Prior really needing security!

Richard: Yes... even Captain Mainwaring and Corporal Jones would have made a better job of it.

Anonymous said...

Now you've really wound me up! I was just having a nice relaxing time reading the blogs and trying to forget that now I'm over 70 and on the scrap heap, a spent resource, good only as a "tax-cow" being milked for all sorts of stealth taxes to pay for B-liars security, and giving loads of money to countries that hate our guts, and whose population is over here anyway!

So much so that I can't afford the gas to heat my home in the winter.

Rog said...

Keith: Oh dear. How are things otherwise Keith? I'm pleased there's somebody on this blog older than me anyway! (I'm 42)