Monday, 8 February 2010

The Black Hand Gang

I don't pretend to understand American Politics, which I suppose places me in the same camp as Sarah Palin. Thanks to Elizabeth I was alerted to Sarah's speech at the weekend in which she spoke freely without notes....or so we thought!

If you enlarge the above picture we can see that she was caught black handed!


Dave said...

I wasn't aware she could read.

Vicus Scurra said...

I cannot find this amusing, even the revelation that you are as camp as Ms Palin.
The prospect of a president even more fucking stupid than Bush fills me with dread.

Christopher said...

Ah, but what did she have scrawled on her other hand?

zIggI said...

Christof - that was my question! How d'you slip in there before me eh? Is the hour you're ahead in France? Or is it behind?

Geoff said...

Is that the Grand Old Gaylord Opryland?

I'm surprised she has anything to do with it.

Rog said...

Dave: Alaska next time I see her.

Vicus: Thanks for despoiling my comments box with that filthy word. "Bush" indeed.

Christopher: I suspect it could be "right".

Ziggi: In France she'd write "gauche" which works in both languages.

Geoff: Yee harrrgghhh!!!!

Sarah said...

*Sarah Palin loves....who?*
sorry, am I being thick? usual

Richard said...

She's got "look on the other hand" on her other hand.

Vicus Scurra said...

I done a lol at Richard.
None of us will be laughing when she starts a world war.

Malc said...

I lol-ed too!

About this far into Jimmy Carter's presidency, everyone was hooting with laughter at the prospect of B-movie actor and chimp's sidekick Ronald Reagan being president.

Betty said...

If Sarah Palin becomes the US president, it follows that Katie Price will become a British prime minister within the next five years.

Anyone want to join me in a suicide pact?

Macy said...

SWEET. Lovin' the new softer hairdo, and that suit with heavy jewellery is Bang On Trend.

(Pffftt. Shuffling off back to the pages of Grazia where Sarah and I both belong...xx)

KAZ said...

So that's how 'call me Dave' Cameron does it.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yours is better, Rog.

To Christopher: on her right hand, Sarah had scrawled:


To Geoff: she didn't ask, they didn't tell.

BTW, American populism as practiced by the Tea Parties and Palin ain't cheap. Tickets to their convention were $500.00, if I recall, and attending Palin's "speech" was an extra $300.00. That's an expensive hand job, if you ask me.

Palin was paid $100,000.00 for the performance, but, as she insisted, the money will go to "the cause." She did not elaborate (perhaps thankfully so).

(Methinks "the cause" is inventing invisible hand ink.)

Rog said...

Sarah: The heart was just a schoolgirl whimsy. The "left" was an aide memoir.

Richard: That's what economists always say.

Vicus: I'm sure you'll put a brave face on it.

Malc: Let's hope you're not frighteningly prescient.

Betty: It may be worth hanging on for the headline "Jordan invades Iran"

Macy: I always assumed Grazia was an Italian Sheep Farming monthly.

Kaz: Dave doesn't use notes. Just American Express I think..

Elizabeth: Blimey! 800$! She's got them in the palm of her hand. Ronni Raygun had a thing with Maggie Thatch ... I wonder if a President Palin would come over and seduce Cameron. I'm feeling nauseous now....