Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Aggy Aggy Aggy!

Some say that my grasp of popular culture is pretty tenuous, but I can prove you wrong by bringing you the hot news that Accrington's famous Blog Heroine and Gay Icon KAZ has combed her hair.
Such is the power of the diminutive Chorley Dynamo that lesser celebs have been queueing up in their thousands to copy her latest quiff. First in the queue was Jedward and Peter Mandelson, but soon everyone was slavishly asking to be "Kazzed" in their local "Curl up & Dye".

I can go one better by revealing exclusively where the inspiration for the latest Kaz Kwiff came from. Go to your room Limahl, and step forward Master Wullie!
Or, even more likely, Mistress Lily:


Dave said...

I know who Kaz is, but who are all the other people?

zIggI said...

You know, I never realised that Kaz had Scottish tendencies, but why else would she be wearing a tartan bow?

Macy said...

How could you have missed out Rod "the Kaz" Stewart???

Geoff said...

I like Joanna's "Grr Kaz".

Malc said...

Didn't the whole Romanian team go out and get a mass "Kaz" before a World Cup quarter-final in 1998?

Maybe I dreamed that.

Vicus Scurra said...

It was cruel of you not to cover poor Dave's head.

Christopher said...

What's hair?

Jon Storey said...

Brilliant! But shouldn't you be training, it is snowing here!

Rosie said...

I've got a "Kaz" but I wanted a "Sofia Loren."

Sarah said...

I used to have a 'Kaz' when I 21, now I have a ' I can't be arsed to spike my hair up every morning, dye it blonde every 2 weeks, rather dull middle aged Delia' or something like that.

Rog said...

Dave: They're all Kaz!

Ziggi: It's the McKevin Tartan.

Macy: He wears it well.

Geoff: I don't want to be on the wrong side of Joanna.

Malc: I vaguely remember. It could have been Kazakstan.

Vicus: You've made me feel remorseful now.

Christopher: A musical with dangly bits?

Jon: Thanks for reminding me. It's a bit windy and cold for cycling - I wish we'd chosen the Coast to Coast Brittany.

Rosie: You could ask for your money back. Turn spikey!

Sarah: Shout "Let's be Avenueeeee" and we'll try and spot the diff!

Jon Storey said...

Last time I was in Brittany you would have needed a floatation collar for your bike!

Roses said...

I always wanted a 'KAZ', but I'd look silly blonde.


I have Kaz-envy.