Thursday, 29 April 2010

Weeks of National Suspense draw to a close...

Well the waiting and uncertainty as the Country holds its breath are
almost over. Everyone has been talking about it but nobody knew the
outcome with any certainty. No Coronation Street episode could have
included a cliffhanger of such sheer vertitude.

Yes, Kaz has
finally revealed that she's been poorly in Manchester Royal Infirmery
for the last few week.

The 100 comments on her previous post indicates the level of
Blogosherical concern after she simply dropped off the blog radar
without a word. Nobody in blogland knows anything more than her blog
name yet following her 3 posts a week for 5 years we all feel we would
know more about her than we know about Deirdre Barlow.
Kaz was one of the very first commenters on Mr Murph's Blog
and stayed with it the whole way. It is a huge relief that she has
surfaced and told us the score and whilst she may be some time
returning to 3 posts a week we can at least rest a bit easier.
Get rested and better soon Kaz!
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Vicus Scurra said...


Sarah said...

Oh my...

Christopher said...

Exactly. At least we know now. And what to keep our fingers crossed for.

Jon Storey said...

It's amazing how this Blog stuff gets us hooked.

Best wishes to Kaz.

ziGGi said...

quite (2)

Dave said...

Ziggs and I spent some time worrying about her.