Saturday, 1 May 2010

Coast to Coast in 2 minutes 51 seconds


Dave said...

Several questions spring to mind:

a) Why did everyone keep overtaking you (and how did you keep getting in front of them?).

b) What were the sound like coconuts in the first section? Were you in fact riding a horse?

c) Why weren't you wearing your helmet in one section?

d) Do they all ride bikes on the pavement up North?

Sarah said...

Blimey that looked bumpy...hope you had one of those jelly saddles!
Well done

Dave said...

Is the answer to b) related to the fact that you didn't have a gel saddle?

Oh, and I meant to say: respect.

Geoff said...

At the end you looked like the cats that got the Cream!

Looked like a lot of fun with little other traffic. As cycling should be.

Rog said...

Dave: The answer to (b) is that it was my teeth chattering in terror. I'd left them in one of the panniers.

Sarah: I had a sharp pointy saddle which I referred to as Ed Balls.

Dave: I had a boy saddle not a gel saddle!

Geoff: It was a relief to Clapton eyes on Tyneside for us Bakers! There was hardly any parts where we mixed with main traffic apart from the main road shown - most of the route is tracks, including old railway tracks, and lanes.

Vicus Scurra said...

That Ginger Baker hasn't aged well, has he?

ziGGi said...

that's the most exciting thing I've watched since Dr Who last night, and the hero was much sexier!

Well done Rog!

(Why were you always at the back tho?!)

Rog said...

Vicus: Many thanks. Ginger looked about 65 - and that was in 1968!

Ziggi: I can't compete with a Time Lord. I had to stay at the back as I was riding shotgun protecting the young whippersnappers from footpads and vagabonds on those desolate hills.

ziGGi said...

I was referring to the hero in the c2c biopic!

Rog said...