Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Isn't technology great (2)

That wasn't a scene from a horror movie - it was actually on the M61 south of Bolton as we wend our way back to the sunny wastes of Norfolk after our Spring holiday and cycle.

If you'd suggested even 10 years ago that you could sit in the back of a van taking pictures for friends around the World, answering queries relating to Ebay Auctions, checking weather and traffic and reading blogs it would have seemed far fetched.

At risk of alienating the 92% of readers  who don't have an iPhone, here's my top 10 Apps:

1. eBay
2. Facebook
3. Guardian
4. Telegraph
5. Google Maps
6. Cyclemeter
7. Radio Times
8. The Train Line
9. I-pint
10. Met Office

Anyone suggest any others?

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Sarah said...

What's I pint? best pubs in the area?? sounds like a good one. I can only manage a bog standard nokia and even with that i don't know how to do any thing except text...Hmmm

Richard said...

Radio Times?

Dave said...


Vicus Scurra said...


Dave said...

May the Fourth be with you.

Macy said...

Soundhound, Bird Songs and Around Me are my best finds so far. Mind you it's early days...

Rog said...

Sarah: Ipint lets you pour an imaginary pint and pretend to drink It. Perhaps I need to get out more.

Richard: lets you see what's on.

Dave: Iknow

Vicus: there's a great one for rotating your cutlery box. I-canteen-er-turner

Dave; it's a date

Macy: if only there was one to extend battery life!

Macy: if only there was one to extend battery life.

Z said...

My granddaughter likes iBirthday, which lights the candles, plays Happy Birthday and then you blow them out. She also likes PopMaths, which is sums.

I like Rush Hour. Not the rush hour, you understand, but the game. In fact, I seem to play a lot of igames. I also spend a lot of time listening to Spotify, iPod and TuneIn Radio and reading Free Books. And Google Maps is brilliant.

Your list is very sensible, on the whole.

Rog said...

Z: I'm off to grab that birthday one immediately. I've got loads of games but my attention span never manages to keep interested. You are certainly up to speed with things - you must have been devastated when you lost it for a short time!

Z said...

It only goes up to three candles, unfortunately, when four would give so much more opportunity for mirth.

I pretend that games are being played for educational purposes. such as the Anatomy and the Road Signs tests.

I thought I'd left it recharging at home, I didn't know it was lost! First I knew was when a friend phoned me at Al's shop to tell me that someone had rung her - he'd sensibly gone through my contacts to find someone I'd texted - taking the view that would be someone fairly close to me.

Z said...

Hah hah - I'm so easily led! I've just downloaded the cyclemeter app, and I know that all it will tell me is that I cycle about 15 miles a week. Slowly.

Just off to check out the iPint.

Malc said...


ziGGi said...


Rog said...

Z: Cyclemeter is great for comparing previous cycles and stores it all up so you can watch your downward curve into oblivion. I was shown Ipint on the top of Scafell Pike and at that moment knew I MUST possess an Iphone.

Malc: iMnotsure

Ziggi: iDontthinkso

My other faves are:

Telepath: (Telepathy illusion)

Flashlight: (Nocturnal Bathroom Guide)

Whirly Word (Anagrams)

Virtuoso (Piano)

and that's just the start!!!!!

Dave said...

Is there a I-pun creator too?

justin said...

Our grandchildren love the Number jacks page on the BBC CBeebies website, and the musical animations on Jacqie Lawson's e-card site.