Wednesday, 5 May 2010

To the Manor Born

We're back in the flatlands and polders of East Anglia! (Not my pic - I pinched it)

Fist task this morning after nearly two weeks away was to walk the borders and check out the manor. Rabbits had been active, birds, duck, moles ... there is so much to be examined!

Here's a conversation which I think took place between Oz & Lily as we made our way along the field edges.

Lil: "Zis is our territory n'est-ce pas Monsieur Oz?"

Oz: "Yes. Right down the edge of this field and up to the Church. All our Turf."

Lil: "But 'ow do we know it is ours? Does Monsieur P. use 'is Sat Nav system to locate ze exact co-ordinates so we can enter zem on some kind of database? Is zer a canine estate management authority which records which part of zese fields belongs to us? 'Ow do we know zis is our fields? 'Ow do we stake ze claim?"

Oz: "No worries. I just piss along the edges."


Christopher said...

Could this not form the basis of a useful app?

Dave said...

I have nothing to add.

Roger said...

Chrisopher: I could amalgamate it iPint and call it "Piss App in a Brewery".

Dave: What about 365 and 98?

Magwitch said...

Is this an obscure Norfolk version of 'Beating the Bounds'?

Macy said...

HA ha! and for ze piss app you vill also need ze sniffer app.. probably costing about £49.99 from a reputable dealer near you.

ziGGi said...

It's strange how a Tibetan accent sounds sorta Kentish , you'd think it would have a Chinese sort of 'l's for 'r's (and VV) wouldn't you. Have you considered that he may be an imposter?

Rosie said...

Where is Norfolk, anyway?

Rog said...

Magwitch: Yes, it's "Pissing the Perimeter"

Macy: Oz uses his own "Whi-ffy" network.

Ziggi: Are you querying the young chap's credentials? Rather you than me. He went to public school on Hertfordshire so obviously speaks pure Estuary English.

Rosie: I think you'll find Ware is in Hertfordshire where Oz went to School.