Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Little Poser for you....

This is Olivia with a concrete Rabbit. I really think her parents should relent and let her have some proper Fisher Price Toys.

Here also is a quiz question. The trouble with Quizes on t'internet is that everyone can just ask Mr Google, and even if they say they haven't most people are incapable of resisting the temptation. Accordingly I've come up with a question which is entirely original so Mr Google won't be able to assist... how long before somebody cracks this one?

"What word (which contains an animal noise) can be turned into another animal noise with the addition of the letter 'L' ?"

A concrete Rabbit to the first one to burrow out the answer before I have to give clues.


Christopher said...

below + l = bellow

Dave said...

I put your question into Google, as intsructed. It came up with your blog as the answer.

Do I win a carrot?

Rog said...

Christopher: Brilliant answer. Not the one I was thinking of so it has to count as wrong. You can have a merit star though but the concrete rabbit is not for you this time.

Dave: David must try harder and must learn to use his own imagination and not rely on others. He could yet proceed to further studies.

ziGGi said...

grow + l = growl ?

And in case you don't think there's an animal sound in grow you should the sounds when I'm having a row with Himself! Also there's gr or ow :)

Geoff said...

Roadrunners beep, ostriches bleep.

Give us a clue, Rog!

Rog said...

Ziggi: anothe good try but no cigar. You can go and sit with Christopher

Geoff: ok here's the clue. I dreampt this up on the C2C trip as the word you start with is a road sign. There, I've virtually given it away!

ziGGi said...

oh I say Christof move up and give us a bit of room!

Christopher said...

Cheek! It's not my backside that's taking up all the space - I'm hanging over the edge as it is.

Rog said...

Ziggi & Christoph: I'm not here for the benefit of my health. The bell is a signal to me, not you. Put that copy of "Nuts" down boy!

ziGGi said...

we shall go gathering nuts in May :)

I give up on the quizz :( I can't think of a roadsign with an animal noise in it.

Christopher said...

Unconditional surrender here. Spent all day haunted by this bleeding conundrum. We're going out this evening to dinner + jazz night and I'd like to ENJOY it instead of working out endless permutations and anagrams of FOR ROG BELL TOLLS.

Rog said...

Ziggi & Christoph: Sorry to get you at it. Enjoy your weekend and I'll post the answer sometime tomorrow. Probably.

It's a road sign that you see on the road. It wasn't a problem to me on the bike.

Magwitch said...

OK Rog. This is driving me nuts too.

I've trawled through the road signs in the highway code. I then got the atlas out to have a look at some of the possible place names you might have passed on the C2C trip.

I've texted it out to the useless bunch on the ambulances today and then tried to cheat by looking up "animal noises" on professor Google.

.....and I still haven't worked it out.
I fear it's all going to turn on one of your infamous puns.

(bangs head against wall and fetches another beer from the fridge)

Magwitch said...

Right! I'm sure it's something to do with

SLOW painted on the road (and you were cycling slowly so no problem for you)
Low for the noise cattle make

but how the 'L' do I make another noise by adding an L?

(more beer required)

Dave said...

I too thought it might be the SLOW sign, which is also an anagram for
OWLS. But clearly it can't be.

If there was a WHO sign, it would be similar to the noise an owl makes (too whit, too WHO). And moving the letters around and adding an L makes HOWL.

Unfortunately I don't think there is a WHO sign.

Rog said...

Magwitch & Dave:

OK I can't torture you any more , you are nearly there so I'll come clean.

YES you are right, the word is SLOW containing "LOW".

Turn the "L" upside down and add another to turn it into an "O".

Then turn the whole word upside down and it becomes................................................................




It's obvious now, isn't it?

*dons crash helmet and hides in concrete bunker*

Magwitch said...

Goodness! I knew it'd be tortuous.

Groan, groan.

Is this what happens to a sound mind after the rigours of coast to coast cycling?

A blizzard of empty beer bottles is being readied to hurl in your general direction.

Madame DeFarge said...

Had me stumped. I feel utterly numpty like now.

Z said...

Oh, what a shame I'm too late to be completely bemused by all that.

Olivia is adorable, anyway.

ziGGi said...


justin said...

I didn't have a clue about this one, Rog .... which is just as well as I didn't fancy winning a concrete rabbit.
I agree with Z about Olivia ... she's a cutie.

Dave said...


Christopher said...


Roses said...

I don't do public quizzes.

If I wanted to let people know how stupid I really am, I'd blog....oh.

Olivia's a real cutie though.

Rog said...

Thanks all! You've encouraged me to come up with another bunch of tricky posers.... or "Cabinet".