Friday, 14 May 2010

Rajar and Out - A Nation Decides

Sometimes you believe so fervently and passionately in something that you can't possibly imagine you are flowing against the mainstream tide of popular opinion. Surely everyone in the Country hasn't taken leave of their senses? Surely I can't be that out of touch?

It  is very hard emotionally to accept the general will of the people when the votes are there for all to see - the obnoxious arse that I have campaigned against for so long has sailed to the top with an increased vote of 1.5 million. I can't argue against the facts - he's up there being lauded and praised for his meteoric rise to the very top. Look at him gurning and grinning like a shiny faced loon!

Ok he's younger, he's energetic, he's got a young family. Big Deal.

But he did have millions spent on promoting him in his new role. He had his wholesome family image projected incessantly on the BBC and people must eventually start to forget what an arrogant little prick he was in his early twenties.

All that's left for me is to see what the Miller Bands have to offer - Steve and Glenn - and hope that the Country will eventually come to its senses and spurn this jammy tosspot as the lightweight chancer he really is.

Yes, Chris Evans has put on over a million listeners since taking over from Sir Terence on Radio Two.

It could only have been worse if the BMP forces of evil had triumphed. (Bastard Moyles Programme) . Don't Forget you Sickbag.


Dave said...

Radio 4 still represents me and Middle England. The Archers weren't affected by the political turmoil last week.

Rog said...

Dave: It gets worse

Mr VeryVeryBored said...

In all my 36 years, no-one with a clipboard has ever asked me which radio station I listen to. Just who do RAJAR ask these questions of?

Richard said...

I did a Rajar survey once, I'm sure I did. It was before I bought a computer and it was very long and quite involved. I had to monitor my radio listening for a week if memory serves.

I was wondering whether you'd heard the news about his new toy. The absolute worst thing that has happened recently is that R2 have cut Radcliffe and Maconie down to three nights a week and put self-important Miss Earnest, Jo Whiley, on on Thursday nights presenting a recorded live concert with an hour of tat beforehand. Fair enough, the first week actually had Paul Weller playing live but the rest have been repeats. Sometimes I have to listen to 5.

Vicus Scurra said...

Who he?

Roses said...

What can I say? We are the minority.

*pats Rog on back, sympathetically*

PS. My wv is sockywaf. Nearly as funny as your post....perhaps I really ought to get out more.

Jon Storey said...

TOGS unite and bring down the young pretender!

I managed to listen on and off for a couple of weeks till I could bear it no more. Just innane crap frankly! Even my teenagers can't bear Evans and certainly don't understand the stuff they listen too. So who is litening to Radio Two 7 till 9.30?

Can we not just listen to repeats of Wogan, or even better two hours of Janet and John....!

Roses said...

By the way, you are invited to a virtual party round mine on Monday.

zIgGi said...

I know I know I know

Sarah said...

Toe rag is a particularly unpleasant term of abuse....but I hurl it at 'him' without a second thought. Well said Rog. Who's opinion do you think they ask on these polls??

Malc said...

A million? Well I never!

I can't listen to Radio 2, the playlists are put together by tone-deaf chimps.