Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kaz a Blanker

Well if you haven't heard already the Queen of Blogging is ill with cancer.

If you haven't done so already, just pop over and send her a greeting as we now at least know the messages are getting through. If we all hold virtual hands and make a wish you just never know what powers the human spirit posseses.

Forget the World Cup - COME ON KAZ!!!!!!!!


Zig said...

I'm with you

Jon Storey said...

Hear, hear!

Dave said...


Christopher said...


Scarlet Blue said...

Have been and hugged.

Roses said...

Come on Kaz!

Life really isn't fair, is it?

KAZ said...

Thanks for this Rog
Much love XXXX

MJ said...

And unlike the World Cup action, KAZ isn't blowing one of those annoying vuvuzelas.


p.s. Google is eating my comments. This comment will vanish later.