Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Cocker-Doodle Doo

Yesterday was "Take your Terrier To Work" Day so I obligingly took young Ozwald into the front room to assist with the refurbishment of some valuable stock items (or "shite" as he refers to it). He was far more concerned with guarding his luncheon chewer than doing anything useful and ended up knocking the WD40 on the lounge carpet. I got the blame of course.

As a Tibetan Terrier Oz has a bit of an attitude about him. This was fine when he single handedly chased two robbers from my brother's house but our Postman is getting a bit fed up with the reception he gets every day.

Lil, on the other hand, is a picture of sweetness and gorgeousness and wouldn't harm a fly. Possibly a rabbit, but only in a playful sense. The Petite French Bassett is very gentle and considerate, although she was also pretty useless when I once took her to work.

I often wonder what a mix of the two very distinctive breeds would look like and what sort of personality would appear through the chromosones. Oz does too, but fortunately he's been "seen to" so it isn't going to happen. However, the other day we came across a print by the wonderful Cecil Aldin of some Dandie Dinmont puppies and they look pretty close to a mix.
Tibbassett anyone?


Zig said...

oh sweet! Oz reminds me a tad of Vicus . . . maybe it's just the hair 'style'.

Vicus Scurra said...

Zig. I am always cordial to the postman.

Dave said...

Besides which, Oz probably still has his own teeth.

Rog said...

Zig: I've put glasses on him and he's a dead ringer.

Vicus: That's not the talk I hear in Hampshire Postal circles.

Dave: Oz has less teeth than me but can be more scary.

Rosie said...

If you click on the very small word "gallery" in my sidebar you will see Arthur who is my Tibetan Spaniel.

Rog said...

Rosie: Aha! Arthur looks as though he could have a touch of attitude about him! Perhaps it's those Dennis Healey eyebrows!