Monday, 18 October 2010

Fire in your Belly

As a lapsed but once very keen runner, I know how important it is to eat the right foods when you are placing undue demands on the body.

I'm thinking of marketing a range of healthy option foods specifically aimed at Joggers and Runners, starting with Yoghurt.

My slogan will be "Mr P's Runner's Yoghurt - will give you the Runs to remember!"

What do you think?


Dave said...

Will the range include runner beans?

Scarlet Blue said...

Sounds like it could be a good job.

Sarah said...

Ho Ho !

Z said...

You trialled it on Paula Radcliffe, didn't you?

Zig said...

what about the rest of the runners?

Madame DeFarge said...

You'd need a big tub for a marathon.

Christopher said...

This is basically a French product, a white viscous liquid. I'm glad to see you've masked some of the French inscription with an image of yourself at full stretch, but I'd like to remind you, if reminder were needed, that coureur has additional colloquial meanings of e.g. flirt, womaniser, skirt-chaser, Adonis, ladies' man. This product is overflowing with healthy overtones.

Rog said...

Dave: Yes. And streaky bacon.

Scarlet: Apart from all the paperwork afterwards.

Sarah: Tee Hee!

Z: Poor old Paula!

Zig: as usual I have no idea what you are talking about.

MadameDF: Yes. There were a few tubs of lard as well when I did it.

Christopher: I read out your list and then sang "Mmmm..Danone!"