Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow Train Coming

Busy busy busy!

It's 24/7 working at this time of year, recycling lovely things and making dreams come true for lovely people all over the World and at the same time helping the green economy. Something like that, anyway.

Don't feel too sorry for me though, as I do get to walk the dogs every morning and evening.

This is this morning's walk in pictures:

Can you see the moon?

Mist rollin' in!

I wonder where the terrier's been?

Sun emerging again

Christmassy view of Church

Time to change those snow boots!


Rog said...

I've just seen this... may have to pull this post on Police advice.

Z said...

Love the grumpy EDP comments. I'm doubtful whether the writers use their real names, however.

While building my snowman, I thought of Chester. It was just the sort of snow to cling to a dog's 'feathers' and he loved a good snowy frolic. I trust that Lily was allowed to lie by the fire while you picked off her snow-lumps.

Scarlet Blue said...

No snow yet, we might have it by the end of the week though.
Please send me something nice for Christmas.

Rog said...

Z: Oz gets a bit frisky in the snow and he's about 70 in human years. Lily's snow boots were hand picked by Mrs Rine.

Scarlet: My hot tip is to tie a pair of old tennis rackets to your feet. Only in the snow, obviously....

Dave said...

I saw the misleading headline in the EDP, and decided mot to go for a walk, lest I be tempted to take a photo, and have my collar felt by the boys in blue.

Christopher said...

Funny - the moon looked just the same with us this morning. Is this something else you've recycled?