Thursday, 10 March 2011

Happy Birthday Rupert !!!

Rupert Murdoch turns 80 today, which will no doubt provoke a wail of anguish from the Guardianistas, early retired super-annuated civil servants and other layabouts who see him as the anti-Christ incarnate.

I just think it's a pity there's not a few more of him and his kind in Britain.

We sneer and vilify entrepreneurs in this Country and falsely identify them with the talentess egotists who enter "The Apprentice", but true pioneers in business are few and far between. It is they who create the wealth of the Country yet the dismal status of them, and that of Business and Marketing in general, does not bode well for our economic future. It is dynamic and entrepreneurial businessmen who create the wealth, the jobs and the lifestyle that everybody else enjoys.

Yes, yes, I know all about Rupert moving to the States and I know about Fox News and what the money has done to Football and all the other stuff.

The fact remains that BSkyB alone now employs 16,500 people in this Country and has proved Murdoch right against all odds in investing billions of pounds to get Satellite TV going in the UK and providing a service which people are pleased to subscribe to.  Back in the 1980's he was left to virtually single handedly take on the gross and parasitic print unions in order to install new print technology at the Times - if he hadn't won that battle we'd probably be paying Bob Crow's tax on emails today.

Even today the sneering loss making Guardian is mocking Murdoch's attempts to monetize his print Journalism value whilst secretly hoping he'll succeed so they can copy him and stop losing vast sums of money.

We badly need to give credit and support to entrepreneurial endeavour in this Country where small businesses are struggling to make ends meet whilst disgusting ex-bankers sit pretty on £0.5m pa pension in return for driving Banks to the point of oblivion.

So Cheers, Rupe! Happy Birthday and good on yer mate!


Geoff said...

Damn, I feel guilty for cancelling my Sky Sports now!

Dave said...

With your dynamism and energy it's only right that your empire should be as big when you reach his age, Rog.

Rog said...

Quite right Geoff. I think it's overpriced myself and would never have it but you have to hand it to the old bugger.

I can't disagree Dave, you perceptive chap.

Rosie said...

Rog, many apologies if my google post yesterday is sending you adverts. Christopher says he got some when viewing the post. I've deleted it.

. said...

You suspect he helps little old ladies across the road is kind to animals and is unable to melt butter in his mouth. Youu also suspect he washes his hands in the same sink as the bankers.