Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Bitch is Back

There doesn't seem to be much to watch on TV at the moment.

We've just watched the first series of Madmen and Episodes and there isn't much left after that. Particularly as we now we have to watch the News from behind the settee.

You know that fundamental Law of Physics which states that the number of friends a person has is in inverse proportion to their number of different email accounts (I have 8 btw)? The same applies to Digital TV where "more" almost definitely means "less" , unless of course you are a big fan of that pinnacle of creative art "OMG! Peaches Geldof". I suppose at least it does what it says on the tin.

It's not just that talent gets spread thinner than Courteney Cox, I think it's the sheer volume and free availability that has made TV programmes generally less "valuable" in the eyes of the public. A bit like the demise of the music industry where most people under 25 don't regard it as something for which you part with money.

One of our "Annual TV Watches" was missed this year as it was moved from prime-time in response to criticism that it was a celebration of in-breeding. And I'm not talking "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" or "Antiques Roadshow" folks.

Yes, Crufts has now moved to More 4, which I always assumed was called "More Grand Designs" as it seems to be clever-Kevin doing wall-to-wall "I told them so" pieces to camera. And it's not just "Crufts" any more, its "DFS Crufts" in honour of its new sponsor from the World of Christmas Sofas. Many viewers must have missed it in the listing, assuming "DFS Crufts" was yet another Police Procedural featuring bluff, no-nonsense old fashioned Copper Jack Crufts and his gangly sidekick with an MA in Philosophy but "nowt oopstairs in't real world lad".

Anyway. Catching up with the winners at Crufts I was surprised to see the winner of the hound group was a dog called "Soletrader Peekaboo":

Yes, a PBGV has made it into the limelight, and obviously such a hit that the web site http://www.soletraderpbgvs.com/ has fallen over due to the volume of interest.

I hope these little charmers don't become a fashion statement because it is certain that a lot of them will be returned to kennels or simply run away due to their extraordinary combination of beautiful good looks and vacant brain cells. (Note to self- Try pitching "OMG Peaches Peekaboo" to More Dave Ja Vue Gold").

Anyway Lily is more attractive and has perfect owners.


Rosie said...

More than one email account? Am I missing something by having just one?

Rog said...

No - you've probably got 1 email account and 8 friends. I've got 8 email accounts and 1 friend. And I'm not sure about him either since that £3m inheritance from Nigeria hasn't come through yet.

Dave said...

I only have one e-mail account too. All my friends are imaginary though.

I don't have a dog, either.

Z said...

I've got four email accounts and the Sage has three. And I'd give Lily first prize any time, but then I am more than half dog myself.

I have lots of friends - it's just that I haven't actually met most of them. Or only once, at someone else's house.

Scarlet Blue said...

I have so many email accounts that I've lost count... which is a bit worrying. Long story.
Anyhow, I hope all the DFS sofas come with washable covers and chewable dog friendly fillings.

Rog said...

Dave: you've got 100 facebook chums so that proves my point!

Z: I should organise an East Angular Dog Show and you could be a judge.

Scarlet: Good point! And 4 years interest free credit with nothing to pay for the first year....

Dave said...

Apparently Crufts isn't just a television programme. My mother went to Birmingham last week, and saw it live.

Rog said...

I think I saw her in the background with a Tibetan and 2 Afghans Dave.

Rosie said...

Hey, that man from Nigeria promised me that money. It belonged to his late uncle who was a general.

Macy said...

Ha! Read the headline and wondered... "How DID Rog know that I'd finally got my broadband restored...?" (Heads off to start wading through the unread e-mails....)