Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How to identify new "Collectibles" for sale on eBay

Step 1.
The key trick is to find items that will have resonance with nostalgic feelings for the 1960's & 1970's and therefore appeal to the high-disposable income demographic of people who have recently retired or are in the prime of life.

Step 2.
Find items which used to be part of the everyday nuts & bolts of life but which haven't been seen for years. Items which will spark off instant
memories of a past which will suddenly seems so simple and idyllic.

Step 3.
For example, what about a Radio Times Leather Binder? Just the thing for Radio and TV Times in the days when 97% of the population watched the same programmes every week and used to discuss them in the Works canteen the following day. Cliff Michelmore, Bilko, I Love Lucy and the Arthur Haines Show. It was very crowded in that canteen as I recall.

Step 4.
Purchase said item and carefully take it home to savour, polish and prepare it for listing on eBay.

Step 5.
Don't under any circumstances leave it lying on a low coffee table unprotected from a rampant Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen when you are out of the room.

Step 6.

Step 7.
...that's about it.


Z said...

Er, indeed. If it had been a repro (and plastic) she'd not have touched it. We had a binder just like that when I was a child. No idea what happened to it.

Al and the Sage are getting together this evening, the Sage is going to have his first attempt at selling on eBay. I'm dreading it. If it goes well, he'll become obsessed, and insist on telling me all about it.

Z said...

Just occurred to me, we did have a lot of dogs. It probably got chewed, just like yours did.

Z said...

Ooh, just occurred to me. I'm right in your demographic whatsit, but I haven't reached retirement age. Therefore, I must be in the prime of life! Thank you, darling. Splendid. I do trust you gave Lily what for. A look worked for Tilly and she never did it again, but I had to growl at Chester and stare him down. I monopolising your comment box? What a bore. I am so sorry.

Sarah said...

Bad, bad dog...
Ermmmm.... I buy the Sunday Times every week (£2.20) so that I don't have to buy the Radio Times AND I have enough paper to light the fire. Actually reading it is pants.

Dave said...

Step 8: advertsie on e-Bay, one Petite Bassett Griffon Vendeen.

Geoff said...

The French can be very snobby about art.

I bet she prefers Benny Hill to Arthur Haines.

Martin H. said...

Well, you did suggest that this binder dates from an age when we eagerly chewed over the programmes of the day.

Rog said...

Z: I tried growling at Lil but she has me eating out her hand in no time. I look forward to hearing how the Sage gets on - it's all in the packaging!

Sarah: That Supplement doesn't burn very well. And I'm talking about the 1970's.

Dave: Never! They don't allow it anyway.

Geogg: She could have been desperate to find an obscure film noir as she's fed up with Floggit!

Martin: I remember a bloke complaining that his dog had eaten his crash helmet. I didn't like his attitude....

Nota Bene said...

Dave stole my comment. Ebay Dave

Rosie said...

Your dog obviously has a keen intelligence to try and dispose of such an object. Well done, doggy.

Rog said...

Nota: Because he's worth it!

Rosie: "Keen Intelligence"???? Hah!!!!