Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Puppies Have Arrived !!!!

A new Tibetan Terrier Puppy and a new PBGV Puppy arrived today to take up permanent residence alongside Oz & Lil.

Yes you did read that correctly and no, we're not Barking!!!

The new additions arrived by post in a cardboard box:

Yes, these are brand new "woollydogs", the creation of the lovely and talented Jill Carrington who runs a web site called She created these Mini-Masterpieces purely from photographs and they are perfect little replicas of the originals apart from one being slightly cleaner and the other having less of an attitude problem!

Oz wasn't sure what to make of little Oz. I'm sure Ant & Dec had the same issue with Little Ant & Dec.

When it came to feeding time, however, it was every dog for himself and the Mini-Me's were left standing.
I'm not sure how the four of them are going to settle in but I'm sure it will all work out in the end. I don't think we'll be facing quite the same 15 months house-training that we did with born-in-a-barn Lily. Or it could be the French in her.

She's not get her nose into that bowl, that's for sure.

And they won't eat their own weight in Bakers-Complete-Shite every week.

The little TT isn't getting a look in on the comfy basket but that took Lil quite a lot of schmoozing to achieve.

If you have a little canine friend past or present that you'd like sitting beside you at your computer or on your breakfast table then all you need is a set of reasonable photographs to get a quote. If you haven't got a dog you want to clone as a woollydog Jill says she'll be putting up some extra dogs for sale over the summer - you might even be lucky and find an Oz or Lilly of your very own!

details from Jill Carrington at

STOP PRESS: Rumour has it that there may be a "Mini-Mr-Murph" in production soon!!! Watch this space!


Rosie said...

These look so beautifully made. One day I may order a little Arthur so I remember what a great fellow he was.

Rosie said...

The link isn't working this end..maybe because I'm not in Britain.

Nota Bene said...

Dang they're really good!

The proper link is which worked for me after I'd Googled it...but the links on the blog don't seem to work...very strange :-(

Rog said...

Sorry folks - there was an "ahem" spelling issue with the link. It now works correctly, even if you are in Spain!

Z said...

They are delightful. I did believe you were getting puppies though and still feel some residual jealousy.

Christopher said...

A great addition to the family - house-trained, quiet, obedient, not requiring much in the way of food and drink, not given to rolling in mud, digging inexplicable holes, scratching or occupying the best chairs. Could Mrs Woollydogs perhaps also create a mini-you or Mrs Rine?

Scarlet Blue said...

I have bookmarked Woollydogs. I also have a Pinterest account so I shall pin a link there as well.

Dave said...

Are you having a second childhood?

Sarah said...

I want a little woolly you think she could do that? Not sure which outfit he would look best in. Watya think?

Dave said...

Dave is always a little wooly. He blames the drugs,

Scarlet Blue said...

Dave beat me to the woolly Dave comment.

Geoff said...

You can create your own Lily in Wonderland.

Rog said...

Z: It's only Puppy love.

Christopher: What a splendid idea! It would be a knitted second-life.

Scarlet: I've never hear of pinterest..I assumed it meant what you get these days for savings.

Dave: Seventh.

Sarah: Jill could make a Reverend Dave out of Surplus materials.

Dave: You're just sheepish.

Scarlet: Wooly?

Geoff: That sounds like a good dodge, son.

Tim Footman said...

I think Bertie Bucket just got himself resurrected...

Rog said...

Tim: yay! I hope she's got a pail coloured wool.