Sunday, 1 May 2011

From a Berlingo 1.6 Diesel

Not quite "From a Buick 6" but here goes.

I didn't watch any of the Royal Wedding but am very happy for those entertained by such spectacles. I did read the entire transcription of the Bishop's Address in the paper though. If you missed it it was "2, The Cloisters, WC1".

I went for another bike ride yesterday and learned something very profound which has significance for the economy, Western Democracy  and the inner meaning of life and true human happiness. It's metaphorical dynamite!

Basically I was returning from an arduous 40 minute ride when I arrived back at Big Nana's and as I slowed to a stop I waved to her as she stood toying with her Forsythia. My trainers became stuck in the toe clips and as I stopped I executed a spectacular 90 degree slap onto the concrete landing on my side. 

She rushed over as I lay groaning but all I could think of was my iPhone. 
It's pulled through!


Z said...

I fell off my bike once. I was most afraid of having broken my china hip. It's hard to believe that anything that isn't actually breathing matters more to me than my iPhone, but in a crisis you discover what comes first.

Big Nana didn't record the whole thing for us to see, I suppose?

Dave said...

You have toe clips on your bike? Posh, aren't you?

Rosie said...

I've had the laces from my trainers get caught in the chain before. I always tuck them into my socks now.

Dave said...

I expect Rog has special cycling trainers, without laces. And a cap he wears back to front.