Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Short and Sweet

Yesterday we thought it would make a change to go for a different walk before the auction across the fields near a village on route.

Oz has reached the age where he can be less than enthusiastic about walks unless there is some specific motivation. Or food. He's had a troublesome time over the last few months and at one point was on as many pills as my Mum, but now he's been diagnosed with pancreatitis he's on a completely different diet of fresh fish and Chappie low fat chunks which he devours with relish. I'm not sure if the relish is allowed so we sometimes allow him gusto.

On the way back from this very short walk a Labradoodle appeared round the bend with a lady owner. Oz suddenly found his mojo and sped across to check the leggy blonde out - if there is one thing guaranteed to get his tail wagging it's a leggy blonde bitch.

As he approached, another 10 identical Labradoodles appeared and a complete football team of long haired preening cross poodles was in view, not to be confused with Chelsea F.C..

Oz stretched himself up to his full height of 11 inches and wagged his way round like Bernie Ecclestone at a Supermodel convention. Sadly I didn't manage to get my phone out for a picture until he was on his way back.


Tim Footman said...

Sorry to hear the Ozmeister is so afflicted. Wasn't pancreatitis what Gillian Taylforth's husband claimed to have, and her treatment of it in a layby was mistaken for... well, anyway.

Rog said...

Thanks Tim. Tailforth would be a more suitable surname for Oz I think.

Tim said...

Nice to know there's life in the old dog yet! Leggy blonde females perk me up too, but I'm not sure I could handle eleven of them.

Scarlet Blue said...

I hope these super moodles weren't put off by Oz's gusto?

Z said...

I'm busy making low-fat gusto, in preparation for his next visit.

I'd always thought his tayle was at the back, not the forth, but it's not easy to tell in Tibet.

Anonymous said...

For some reason this made me think of the Boots advert, 'Here come the girls'. Now the tune, such as it is, keeps playing back in my head.
Never mind, next time I see the ad I'll think of Oz and the Labradoodles.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying little Oz "availed himself" of 11 bitches?

Super moodles. haha, Scarlet!

Rog said...

Tim: Lightweight!

Scarlet: I don't think they were!

Z: He likes to hang around with WAGS wherever they are!

Mig: They play it incessantly over Christmas. You'd think Emily Pankhurst had died in vain. Or dyed...

Dynamo: Nobody was prepared to put him up to it.

Pat said...

Apart from the Chappie low fat chunks there is a strong resemblance to MTL.