Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mary Tyler Moore had TWO!

Just decorated the kitchen and am LITERALLY watching paint dry. I must mention that to my follower on Twitter to see if it will trend.

Anyway, in another cheapskate post here's a video which explains everything you need to know about Lily. However, before you get to the PBGV you have to watch a DFS, which I believe is a Winter Animal that you buy at Christmas and don't start paying for until the next year.


Z said...

I don't know about ancient. Lily looks young and lovely to me. And what's that about being easy to train if you're firm?

Anonymous said...

It must be a pain having to undress to do the sniffing.
I missed the DFS. Shame.

Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous dogs :) but what a name - haha - I'll go with the abbreviation.

Pat said...

Lovely dog - worth all the grooming I should think.

Rog said...

Z: I don't think anybody could be firm with Lil!

Mig: It certainly is. And sorry about the sofas!

Gabby: I blame the French!

Pat: She loves being groomed but we only have to do it every week or so. She's straight in brambles afterwards so only looks like a princess for about 5 minutes.