Friday, 24 February 2012

Hands Free Pics

Yesterday the sunshine came out and got up to 16 degrees in the afternoon which must be a record for February. Only the previous day I'd been admiring the piles of snow in the corners of Tesco's car park (before I was moved on by security).

Bright sun at this time of year is always so much lower in the sky and it makes the light
more interesting. The above picture is me standing between two trees holding an iPhone and two dog leads.

Here's one of me queuing up outside the charmingly rural Diss Post Office with an iPhone, two dog leads and 7 parcels.

And finally looking out the window and wishing Mrs Rine would get better from her flu soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! (for ditching w v)

Hope the flu is burned off by the lovely weather.

Martin said...

Walk tall, walk straight, and look the world right in the

Nota Bene said...

Did the shadow hands in the first one reach down and try to grab your iphone?

Sir Bruin said...

Nice pics and am impressed at your obvious ability to multi task - or, at least, juggle.
Hope Mrs Rine feels better and is up to doing some light hoovering real soon.

Anonymous said...

I love those tree shadows.
Two dog leads? Did you post the dogs?

Paff Rine said...

I've taken the precaution of having my "flu" 250 miles from Rog, who doesn't do illness very well :)

Christopher said...

McFlu, eh?

Z said...

Ooh, that's really exciting, Al works from Diss Post Office some days. You might have seen him!

Macy said...

Tsk Rog - that's your flu Mrs Rine's got.

Rosie said...

My cyclamen here is pretty dead but at least I am not being followed by the Groke.

Rog said...

Dinah- It's on its way out thanks!

Martin- That's what Steve Jobs told me..

Nota- It was a muggy sort of day

Sir B- I mentioned that and she contrasted me with the hoover, which has a sucking force...

Mig- It's not easy to avoid camera shake!

Mrs Rine- Considerate to a fault!!

Chris- Being slightly cross eyed, my eyes were watering down my back. It could have been virus or backtearia

Z- It's a great place but not really post modern.

Macy- Give unto others... Mine was really woman-cold

Rosie- With the way people drive in Spain I'm not surprised there's more dead cyclemen.

Pat said...

How did you get the stunning flowers against what looks like a black and white bsckground?
Looks like jiggery poker to me.

Rog said...

Hello Pat from your new PC. It's an iPhone app called coloursplash which does fall into the jiggery pokery department.