Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spot the Dog

Somewhere in this picture is a basking Tibetan, superficially relaxed but in fact steeled and ready for mighty combat should next door's cat appear at the fence.

Sometimes you can see him and sometimes he just blends invisibly into the undergrowth. At the moment he smells like Yew.

I think we're all too late - his little sister has found him!


Soaring said...

Why did you call him Spot?
In thyme, he'll smell differently no doubt.

Christopher said...

So whoever wrote the lyrics of There'll Never Be Another Yew was ill-informed?

Rog said...

Soaring: His bark is actually worse than his bite.

Christopher: Yew are not wrong bor, as we say in Norfolk.

Tim said...

Soaring, you will Rue the day you beat me to the two jokes I was going to make.
I'm sure Z's hubbie will be able to add to the gaiety of this round of herb-related puns.

Martin said...

I guess little sister greeted him with, "Ah, I thought it was yew!"

Z said...

Cor, 'e an't a very good watch dog. Thoose dogs - them 'int a looking out for noo cats ... as we say in Norfolk - we say jestfully, that is.

And if you can make any sense of that, it's more than I can. Mind you, after several attempts at the bewildering series of WVs, it's not surprising.

Tim said...

Agreed re WV, what are those Blogger twats playing at? I'm switching mine off forth or even firstwith, suggest everyone does the same.

Macy said...

Siesta time in Norfolk already???

Rog said...

Tim : it's no big dill

Martin: she's found a pillow before yew

Z: them's having a Madle moi dear

Tim: WV is getting more difficult isn't it

Macy: it was only 5 minutes before I marched them inside and back to work

Mike and Ann said...

If we're doing herb puns Z has an unfair advantage. She only has to mention her husband (by his blog name) to have scored. She's been very restrained, though, so far.