Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ziggi Starred Us !!!

Last weekend we travelled to the Cotswolds for son James's Wedding which was a delight. The transport from Church to Reception was a splendid Routemaster red bus which little Niamh appeared to enjoy. We stayed on for the week in Cirencester Gravel Pits (nicely scrubbed up as Cotswold Water Park) and on Tuesday took the opportunity of driving down into deepest Wilts for a blog meet with Ziggi. Yes that Ziggi!!!

Ziggi lives in a lovely thatched cottage in the absolutely beautiful Wiltshire village of Stepford. Since our constant companions Lily & Holly are a little lacking in social graces we seldom get invited out these days but the fabulous Ziggi made us terrifically welcome in her menage. I say "menage" but a better description would be "menagerie" as it comprised Bertie, young master Bailey, cats of various shapes and sizes, exotic hens that looked a bit like Peacocks, a visiting rabbit, a visiting sausage dog called "Sizzle" and a tiny baby mole-dog called Sydney. There were other 4 legged creatures around as well and one began to have an idea of what Noah must have felt like.

Lily and Holly immediately disgraced us - Lily by having a mad stand-off with one of the felines and Holly by barking madly at the frightened hens. She's only 9 months old and has never been to a hen do before but that was no excuse for the mayhem.

Fortunately our hostess was unflappable and took it all in her stride. Holly and Bailey began to get to know each other whilst the long-suffering Bertie looked on, and Lily cuddled up with Sydney. Bailey was understandably a tad tetchy having been relieved of two pieces of equipment the previous day and there was no danger of any little Bailey-Babes being produced with our Tibetan. Probably for the best.

Ziggi looks fab and managed to knock up an absolutely scrumptious lemon drizzle cake which disappeared in a trice. It was lovely to meet her for the first time and we will look forward to meeting her again and hearing stories of her new position with the village Rights of Way Provisional Wing Popular Front.

Thanks Ziggi, you're doing a great job!


Scarlet Blue said...

I love it when pets meet others pets. Sounds like a good day out.

Zig said...

'twas mightily nice to meet you all, amazing how we all fitted in and I'm so glad you didn't suffer any ill effects from my baking! I hope we can meet up again soon.

But oh god look at my awful hair!

Nota Bene said...

No snarling, growling, chasing...just bottom sniffing? Sounds fab

dinahmow said...

I know those peoples! Waves madly at monitor...

Z said...

Ziggi, I expect to be down your way later this month, I'm afraid I won't have company as good as Lily, Holly et al but I'd love to drop in if you're about.

Rog, she made scones for me last time. Delish.

Macy said...

Is Ziggi doing Reiki on Lil in the first photo? Is there no end to Zig's talents?

Anonymous said...

Sound lovely jubbly :) Gotta watch dogs with chickens - haha - some day they might realise that the chicken is related to that yummy meat called 'chicken'

Pat said...

Lemon drizzle cake - that's a lot to live up to.
Sounds like a lovely break all round.

mig bardsley said...

That lovely Ziggi! What a treat for all of you.

Rog said...

Scarlet: These Pets would win Prizes!

Zig: Short and Curly is v attractive. But don't dye it Ginger. We really enjoyed visit and brilliant to meet you and your expanding team.

Nota: I've seen an episode of Towie.

Dinah: G'day mate!

Z: Next visit needs to be an official bake-off then!

Macy: She has the magic touch with the animal kingdom.

Gabby: I think the problem may have been that they *had* made the connection!

Pat: The Drizzle with Sizzle was certainly a Fizzle.

Mig: We were treated like Royals. Although nobody photographed my tits.

dinahmow said...

Rog, you wouldn't know that til you looked in a sleazy French paper!