Monday, 19 November 2012

Old TV Repeats

At the weekend I took an old TV to the local "recycling centre" (rebranded from the pithier "tip").

A big sign declared "We have recycled 73% this month!". Very impressive, I thought as I watched staff methodically go through the contents of people's black plastic bin liners. Perhaps this is a shining example of true local cooperation and civic responsibility at work, safeguarding the environment and conserving precious resources for our children's children.

"What happens to this large container of old TV's that I've just contributed to", I enquired.

"Ah. They go off to be crushed", came the reply.

So did I.


Nota Bene said...

Crushed and re-used as signs saying "73% recycled this months"

Z said...

I bet that's what happened to my 20-something-year-old Mac that I chucked out last spring. I wish I hadn't done it now.

mig bardsley said...

73% of what?

I shall have to ask next time I go to the ti-Recycling Centre.
At least when it was a tip the gypsies came and took away anything that could be used.

Roses said...

Yeah, I've seen recycling in action.

At least, they'll make some use of the stuff they take.

Zig said...

Didn't old tellies take up a lot of room?

Rog said...

Nota: Crushed statistics squeeze out the truth!

Z: You need to change your outer clothing sometimes.

Mig: I remember when recycling was a large skip and you had to check carefully for people inside it before chucking an old item in.

Roses: Freecycle is the way forward.

Zig: And the time spent waiting for them to warm up was a time for contemplation and quality anticipation.

Liz said...

Further to our correspondence on Twitter, this is what allegedly happens to TVs and monitors taken for recycling here in Suffolk:
"TVs/ CRTs
These are taken to our processor and tested for safety. Those suitable for reuse are sold on their website ( Those not suitable for reuse are broken down into their component parts for recycling. Through this process, they are treating the material for the hazardous elements contained within."
I don't know why this should be any different just a few miles up the road.