Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paper Late



"What are newspapers?"

"Ah, Newspapers! They were large paper prints with all the latest news that people used to read to find out about things".

"Was this in olden times Grandad"

"Yes of course. You remember I told you about how every grown up in the Country used to have a thing called a 'vote' and they used to go along to decide who would be our leaders. Before the National Twitter Council took over the Country and before journalists were all put in prison".

"This was a long time ago wasn't it Grandad"

"Yes it was. It was the days when every car on the road had lights on each corner that would flash to show when it was about to change direction. The days of paper money and the BBC".

"But how did newspapers work Grandad?".

"Well, hundreds of journalists in London would run around all day collecting the news and it would all be printed overnight and the papers put on a train to arrive in our town very early in the morning. Then white vans would take them to the parcel shops that used to just sell sweets and drugs".

"But how did the people get the newspapers?"

"Well. Young boys and girls would get up very early and cycle round the housing estates putting the heavy papers through people's letter boxes".

"Now you're making this up Grandad!!"


Anonymous said...

I see you're teaching the child, first-hand, what a gag means in journalistic circles.You should have taught Rupert!

Martin said...

If I hadn't been one of those young boys cycling round housing estates, I'd think you were making it up, too!

Nota Bene said...

Kids love fairytales...

Rog said...

Dinah: I love Rupert - I've got all his Annusls!

Martin: Now you're being far fetched!

Nota: even Hans Christian Anderson had Trolls.

mig bardsley said...

What a very wise looking child.

Z said...

oh, isn't Mrs Rine pretty? Pink suits her.

Rosie said...

I agree with Mig!

Pat said...

You have made me nostalgic for handsignals. I useed to have a Fonteyn moment.