Friday, 20 December 2013

2013 -What a Cracker

Well what a year that has been! TWTYTW, as the late Robert Frost would have said. Here's a quick rundown of a dramatic year in the life of "us Ogdens" as Big Nana mysteriously refers to us.

The year gets off to a flying start with a new series of "The Voice" on BBC1. To add extra jeapordy Mrs Rine and myself watch this on rotating kitchen stools and spin round to add singers to Team Lil.I.Am and team Holl.I.Am. The long Winter nights just fly by.

This was the shortest month of the year. I must Google that rhyme so I can remember how many days are in each month, although I suppose my phone calendar would tell me.

Talk about rain! My weather app showed Amber warnings of "standing water issues" and on one fateful Tuesday a car drove past me and Lily and completely soaked us with standing water issues. Fortunately we all saw the funny side - well at least Mrs Rine did.

We watched Greg Wallace off of Masterchef present his new TV series on fruit and vegetables and I must say it was the TV highlight of the year. Mr Wallace is a towering presenter of enormous intellect and asks such beguilingly simple yet profound questions such as "What's this vegetable called then mate?". Not since Prof Jacob Bronowski presented his series on regional accents have we seen such quality.

Bit of a thin TV month but at least it let me get to grips with my sock drawer. 

They did several "specials" on Price-Drop TV and I was there with my remote and phone to take advantage. We buy mountains of stuff from shopping channels but as they do free returns we never keep any of it. We get the buzz of real shopping and the sellers dispose of our returns through outlet stores. It's no wonder the British economy is on the up again!

We took big nana on holiday to the seaside. She seemed happy enough when we turned up to collect her at the end of it.

Bit of a disappointment. We had sat down with box loads of Special Brew and £45 worth of Pringles to watch the 2013 Olympics. Who knew that it wasn't on every year?

it's the return of Strictly! Fabulous line-up with Vannessa Feltz and other older contestants who we quickly voted off. They shouldn't be canoodling on TV with impossibly beautiful Eastern European dancers like James Jordan.

The new series of Antiques Road Trip adds to the solid gold TV Autumn! We spend all day buying and selling old things so it is quite relaxing to settle down in the evenings and watch complete idiots doing the same.

Lily doesn't like fireworks so I'll draw a veil over this month.

The last month and my biggest highlight!!!! The Sports Personalty of the Year programme - and guess who was voted to have the biggest and best personality? Andy Murray!!!!

Fabulous year folks. Happy Christmas and may your 2014 bring you all you deserve.


Anonymous said...

Well your year was chockablock (except May it seems - even though May is the best month of the year, being my birth month and all ;) - have a good Chrissy!

Rosemarie Blackthorn said...

I concur, May is indeed the Month of the Year as it is also host to my birthdays.

May 2014 bring you much brown wrapping and selotape, not to mention further excellent blog postings!

Rog said...

Gabby- Thankyou! Abd I don't really think a properly sorted sock drawer should be taken lightly...

Roses: She stoops to Concur! Many thanks - I'm hoping for a tape dispenser for Christmas.

Liz said...

All the best people are born in May, you know.

Christmas greetings to you, Mrs Rine and the doggy pups.

And remember, "keeeeep blogging!"

Sir Bruin said...

I beg to differ. In my view, the best people are born in September. Any suggestion that we are merely the result of an over exuberent Christmas party (do the maths) is purely sour grapes.

Nota Bene said...

Merry Christmas. Why does that robin look a bit grumpy? Didn't you feed it?
For me, April was the best month, but I can't quite remember why

Rog said...

Liz: Well thanks as well. Reciprocated felicitations Ursine way!

Sir B: I hope you haven't been incubating a worry about that! September folk are the oldest in their class!

Nota: It's a ROUND Robin. It fluffs itself up with its own importance. Merry Christmas to the Bene family too.

Martin Hodges said...

You really are living the dream, Rog. Every good wish to you and yours!

John Greenwood said...

Merry Christmas, Rog!

Zoe Sprake said...

What an eventful year, except for the Olympics, of course, which was a non-event. I might do a similar round-up, though it will largely consist of ignoring anniversaries and not learning to ride motorbikes yet.

Pat said...

I enjoyed that but you are teasing aren't you? You do know it is/was David Frost.
Was that the deliberate mistake?
All seasonal wishes to you and yours especially the doggies.

Macy said...

Yay! And now you're at the start of a new year and can look forward to doing it all again!!

Happy new year Rog!