Friday, 19 June 2015

The Cookie Crumbles

It seems a long time since we visited St Michael's Mount in Cornwall and I spent two hours searching but COULD I find the Marks & Spencers?

Anyway no such problem now because I'm bombarded with M&S advertisments whenever I log into Facebook, Ebay and other web sites. Last week I bought some shorts from the Marks & Spencer web site and now, whenever I look at these other sites, I'm presented with this:

M&S are presumably paying good money to Facebook and others to wave this attractive image in front of me but having just bought three years supply of shorts from them it is money down the drain.

I thought Cookies (the little tracking files which grass on our viewing proclivities) were supposed to be really smart and anticipate interest rather than blindly repeat information from past purchases so it brings into question the decisions of media buyers to transfer millions of pounds worth of advertising from old media to new. I quite like browsing through advertisements in the local free paper.

This cookie stuff is trying to be too clever and failing miserably. It's like in the old days, if I'd bought a jacket from an old-fashioned outfitter* in the High Street and every time I walk past his shop he runs out into the street waving an identical jacket at me shouting "do you want to buy THIS jacket?!!!".

(*a Victorian gentleman's emporium where clothes were purchased over a friendly chat and a pinch of snuff. They kept one's inside leg measurement on a card index in a fine oak bureau).


Tim said...

One of my many bonnet-bees, as you may call. I don't understand how a multi-billion pound industry can sustain itself purely on advertising revenue, and yet do it so cack-handedly.

Tim said...

When I said 'call' I meant 'recall'. Sorry. Why does my keyboard refuse to obey my fingers after 10 pm?

Pat said...

The same happened to me with a pair of pink sandals which greeted me every day on F.B. with reproachful straps. Then I get messages from Debenhams saying "Is it me you're looking for?" NO!

Rose Blackthorn said...

I get lots of images of camping equipment.

It's quite in-tents.

Rog said...

Tim: thank goodness you didn't mis spell "cack handedly" ;-)

Pat: I bet if it were Lionel Ritchie singing thst message you might be tempted!

Rose: a tentative pun methinks!

Z said...

Having bought a lawnmower blade on eBay recently, now eBay is trying to tempt me to 'complement' the blade with new spark plugs and so on. It's shops I've bought from online that bug me, I don't notice ads but I do see emails. Sooner or later I'm going to blog about this, so I won't waste my spleen now.

savannah said...

It could be worse, sweetpea! You could be getting tons of unsolicited emails, calls, and adverts via snail mail! ;) xoxoxo

Rog said...

Z: The Facebook ad that does get on my nerves is a picture of a bloke driving a coffin car saying "how about making arrangements at your specific age". The annoying thing is I put a fake year in knocking 10 years off my actual :-(

Sav: But I do! Our postman has his own osteopath ;-)

Anonymous said...

ha! Exactly the same thing happened to me recently when I bought a jacket online - the advert for the same jacket kept appearing. I have since installed an adblocker that my son told me about - end of harrassment.