Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hole in the Corner Gang

I think the audacious Hatton Garden robbery by a lot of pensioners the other week seems to have started a new trend.

I found this "Wanted" posted for the "Highdale Four" aka "The Coal in the Horner Gang" who are wanted for highway robbery at various Antiques Fairs across East Anglia.

If you come across any of them, particularly little "Jack" Horner (second from left), you are advised to approach with care as they will engage you in hours of entertaining chat about matters historical which will steal all of your available time.


Sir Bruin said...

I believe that I may have seen one of them a few weeks ago out on the borders of The Other County. Threatened me with breakfast, the bounder.

Rose Blackthorn said...


*hides behind sofa*

Mike and Ann said...

And I don't remember you saying no, Sir B.

Mike and Ann said...

Thank you Roses, that'll save time. Next time I burgle a bungalow I'll remember to check behind the sofa.

Crowbard said...

Well I'm blowed! So that's how Santa gets enough prezzies for all the good little boys and girls ~ There's a whole gang of them. Astonishing!