Thursday, 8 June 2017

Six Weeks Hip Report

Well that's me sorted. 

They said it would be a 6 week recovery period and sure enough at 6 weeks (to the day) I threw away my crutches and plastic raised toilet seat and set off on a pleasant pain-free 2.5 mile walk around the village. Bliss! I'm a very fortunate fellow.

Things I learned from the experience:

  1. The operation itself and immediate aftermath are almost totally pain free thanks to the wonders of modern anaesthetics.
  2. Surgeons are modern day Saints. Why they are referred to merely as "Mister" is beyond me.
  3. What wasn't so easy was the self-injected blood thinning drugs. I was sent home with 28 syringes to be inserted daily into my stomach which I never got used to. Diabetics I salute you. I managed to carry off the tights though.
  4. I had to sleep on my back for 6 weeks which was almost the hardest thing of all. I woke up every 2 hours with a mouth like the inside of a hamster cage and was quickly banished to the spare bedroom.
  5. At 6 weeks I asked my wonderful physio for a list of things I need to be careful about. She handed me a blank sheet of paper and smiled. "But what about the danger of dislocation I've read about?", I asked. "After 6 weeks of physio the danger is no more than it would be for your 'good' leg", she said. The World is my oyster! 

So that'll be me haring along the Country lanes on my Miss Marple bike next week counting my blessings. I think I'll head off for a Diss location.

Pip pip dear reader!


Sir Bruin said...

Glad that the recovery is complete, mate. You are, clearly, even more hip than you were before. Might have to take issue with your claim to have carried off the tights thing though.

Rog said...

I did buy some black tights to echo my signature look Sir B.

Sir Bruin said...

Oh dear, did you?

Z said...

The only additional risk - and it happened to my mother, so I know - is that, in a bad fall, the danger of dislocation is increased - though the risk of it breaking is probably less! Anyway, great result, congratulations.

savannah said...

Congratulations! I've been putting off a knee replacement, but it seems that I need to start giving surgery serious consideration soon. Well done, you! xoxo

Pat said...

You have done well but with all the cycling and stuff you must be pretty fit. Well done!

Nota Bene said...

This makes my own hip issues pale into insignificance...those needles!! I pass out at the sight of one, let alone stabbing yourself 28 times...