Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The House at Poo Corner

There's been one or two excellent programmes on the telly recently including some wonderful old Folkie stuff on BBC4 such as Folk America. (On no account go near Folk America at the Barbican unless you have the technology to snip-out the atrocious Judy Collins and Bard of Barking and just be left with Roger McGuin's sublime acoustic version of "Eight Miles High" -10.05mins into programme).

If you haven't caught it yet there's a brilliant piece of can't-not-watch voyeurism on Channel 4 (no change there!) called "A Very British Storm Junkie" about an "unassuming" IT consultant (where IT stands for "idiotic tosser") who - in his alter ego of fanatical storm chaser - "travels thousands of miles across the globe to witness at first hand the awesome power of nature". He has somehow managed to acquire a quite nice looking and sensible wife who puts up with his weather fetishes but you will end up shouting at the Television "Leave him you daft cow!". Unless you are a more polite sort of person of course.

And talking of an unbearable pain in the arse, have you noticed your televisual enjoyment interupted by this uneccessary piece of make-up-an-ailment-and-fix-it marketing involving some hideous women discussing how hard their stools are:

It's enough to ruin your enjoyment of a motion picture. The question is this, however. If they have a hard stool why don't they just buy a cushion for it?

(This one was made by Dave. An example to anyone with hard stools)


Billy said...

That hard stool advert is appalling obviously, but it's about as good as an ad for that product could be.

KAZ said...

Wonderful & Old Folkie - a contradiction in terms!

And talking of Old Fogeys - I can see a future for Dave with these women.
They obviously need a good ...... bloke.

Richard said...

Sometimes I feel like the kid at primary school who didn't have a telly and couldn't join in. I haven't the faintest notion of what you're on about!

Dave said...

The Times revieqw of "A Very British Storm Junkie" was almost word-for-word the same as yours.

Did you have permission to use that picture by the way, or is the copyright cheque in the post?

Sadly Kaz, I don't fancy the woman with the hard stool. otherwise, of course, I'd lend her a hand.

Dave said...

'Motion picture'. Very good.

Rog said...

Billy: I think they could have used more puns. "I paused to pick a buttercup - what a silly place to leave a buttock" etc.

Kaz: They may have just been to St Annes. Judy Collins looked about 27 from the naval up - trouble was the naval had been lifted as far as the chin.

Richard: I used to feel like that as we were the last people in Gravesend to get a telly.

Dave: We're building up a storm of protest. Cheques in the post. I should have titled this "The house at Pew Corner".

Rog said...

Dave: Just been to read the Times Review here. It's brilliant! "the excitable lovechild of David Coleman and Alan Partridge" was exactly what I thought!

Betty said...

Judy Collins always looked a bit strange to me when I was a child, and I could never put my finger on it.

The stools advert doesn't disturb me as much as the current information films where you're advised how to spot the symptoms of somebody having a stroke. I've been having subliminal nightmares about those.

Geoff said...

How does Billy Bragg get on Folk America?

How does Billy Bragg get on a music programme full stop?

john.g. said...

That isn't a stool, it's a chair!

Rog said...

Betty: I can assure you that the stroke advert will be even more worrying in 15 tears time!

Geoff: I think it's his sex-u-al-ity.

John: I passed it and didn't notice!

Z said...

I hardly understood any of that. I suppose I should watch more television.