Friday, 6 March 2009

A Cowboy Joke for the Weekend

It was a tense morning at the Cavalry Outpost. Word was rife that the Comanche Indians were on the Warpath and looking for a scrap.

Suddenly the faithful Indian Cavalry Scout rushed over to General Custer and said "Braves come this way Kemo Sabby!". (He'd heard this form of address from watching the Lone Ranger).

"How distant are they?", enquired the General laconically.

"Braves are this big!", he replied.

"Then hold your positions men!", commanded the General.

An hour or so elapsed before the Scout rushed back to the General to advise that the Indians were getting nearer.

"How distant are they now, man?", said the General, slightly less relaxed.

"Braves are now this big", came the reply.

"Hold your positions men!", barked the General.

Just 10 minutes later, the Scout returned. "Braves getting very near!", he said.

"How near, man? How near?!", asked the General agitatedly.

"Braves are this big", said the Scout.

"Right, fire at will! Shoot to kill", barked the General at the top of his voice.

The Indian scout grabbed his shoulder and said "Kemo Sabby! You cannot do that!".

"Oh!? And why not?", asked the General.

The Scout replied," I've known these braves since they were this big".


Dave said...

I would tell you my Lone Ranger joke, but I did so on the blog 3 years ago, so people might remember the punchline.

KAZ said...

I always have trouble with jokes - especially in sign language.

Geoff said...

The cavalry will walk all over them as John Wayne is big leggy.

Vicus Scurra said...

Buffalo come.

john.g. said...

That is SOOOOO! crap!

Rog said...

Dave: Loan Arrangers ceased to be humorous in the credit crunch.

Kaz: All that effort photographing Mrs Rine's hands wasted then...

Geoff: He's a bit army as well!

Vicus: I'm honoured to have a New Statesman contributor in these humble portals.

John: Thanks for that intellectually robust critique John!