Friday, 25 December 2009

Branches Everywhere

It's Christmas Day at Big Nana's and there is just the three of us singing carols and reading our Rupert Annuals. Lancaster Canal looks inviting outside:

Big Nana didn't have a Christmas Tree when we arrived (she's not been well you know) but fortunately we were able to step into the beech. I popped down to the sustainable forests of the rec with a small saw and came back with a large sore - and a branch to be placed in an obelisk. 

We were also fortunate to obtain the services of Nigella Lawson who is visiting nearby and kindly offered to pop in and bedeck the branch with tasteful birds and fairy bears.

A Happy Christmas to both my readers!


Roses said...

Hope you are all having a brilliant day.


Mr London Street said...

Happy Christmas to you too!

Rog said...

Both readers turned up! Happy Christmas!!!!

Geoff said...

Unlike the rest of the internet, we're not watching Doctor Who.

Good tree, Rog.

Sarah said...

You too X

Betty said...

"Lancaster Canal looks inviting outside" - eye oop, don't throw yourself in't cut (as I believe they say in the north)!

Have a happy Christmas evening/Boxing Day, etc.

Vicus Scurra said...

I am neither of your readers.

Anonymous said...

. . . and I only read it because I'm paid to.

Where's last months cheque?

word verification: POONIC!

Dave said...

What Vicus didn't say.

Rog said...

Geoff: Dr Who? No, like you we've got other dimensions Geoff.

Sarah: Now you've reminded me of Bono!

Betty: I did go down to the canal bridge to toss myself off but tripped over a double entendre! Far Canal!

Vicus: You are all my readers, dear fellow!

Keith: I've only got one thing to say to you..... Poonic!

Dave: I think you should comment from your main AND your new religious blog.

KAZ said...

You come up 'ere deforesting our recs and killing our little birds for your Christmas tree.
But I like you.

Christopher said...

Bi-lectoral identity crisis here. Am I Vicus? Or Sarah? Or both? How can I tell? Please advise soonest.

Vicus Scurra said...

Christopher, we are all one.

Richard said...

I am your other reader

Rog said...

Kaz: I have branches everywhere! Lanashire is God's Own Country - when it stops raining. Happy Christmas!!!

Christopher: You are both Sarah and Vicus - we are all one this joyous Christmastide!

Vicus: I just said that! How Spooky!

Richard: The maths is starting to get a bit shaky now!