Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Post Traumatic Stress

Had to go to the main Post Office in heap big Norfolk Town today and queued out the door for 45 minutes to reach one of the two pert, vivacious and extremely customer focussed operatives doing a wonderful job in trying circumstances.

After 20 minutes I made it inside the building and this is the last leg of the queue.

I'm back to the local Post Office tomorrow - this city life is far too stressful for the likes of me. I hope that nice Mr Crozier makes a really good job of running ITV.


Geoff said...

The Trafalgar Square Post Office queueing system is like Argos's now. You get a ticket and a nice seat for your hour's wait.

Dave said...

What's a Post Ofice?

KAZ said...

Well isn't Mr Crozier the one who put Sven in charge of England?

zIggI said...

I hope you have written permission from those people's parents to publish their images ont'web.

Richard said...

It's like that in our post office. The main one is the only one where you can get your car taxed in a town of 60,000 people. Not everyone wants to do it online. It being near the end of the month, they started queueing out the door last week.

I think you know my feelings about Crozier

Z said...

Maybe you should buy a nice little red van and deliver all your parcels yourself - it'll probably be quicker than posting them.

Rog said...

Geoff: Do they have an Elizabeth Duke Jewel Section?

Dave: It's like Ricky Gervais after his main hit series.

Kaz: Sven was at least able to multi task.

Ziggi: I don't think they'll worry. The average age was 78.

Richard: Car Tax takes 20 minutes! Better get queueing now then.

Z: Good idea. Apart from driving to Aberdeen for £3.65 doesn't quite add up economically!

Z said...


Anonymous said...

Amazing, Rog! This looks almost exactly like our post office. The line of angry folks, I mean.