Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Five Go Mad in Dorset!

We have been holidaying in Dorsetshire - myself, Mrs Rine, Little Pand, Oz & Lily.

Yesterday we went to Durdle Door (named after a Northern Sit-com by Craig Cash) and found a beach secure enough to let the Lilster off her lead. She was very pleased to have a proper run for a change, although Oz got more than he bargained for.

Later when we were walking along the front we noticed this naughty dog eating fish and chips in a window:

It turned out to be a "trompe d'oeil" by the very talented Nina Camplin who had these spectacular images on nearby walls:

It's remarkable how realistic an inaminate piece of art can appear, as Lily found out further along the prom:

In the afternoon we went to Dorchester to have a look at Poundbury. I had been hoping to stock up with cheap batteries and Jiffy Bags as I normally do but it turned out to be a suburb of Trumpton.

And I keep coming across references to one of East angular's leading artists:


Geoff said...

If my mum hadn't been homesick I would have had a Dorset accent.

Is Nina Dorset's answer to Banksy?

Madame DeFarge said...

Love the artwork. Glad you had an enjoyable time. We were rained on in Derbyshire - maybe we should have swapped?

Z said...

Hope you enjoyed the lashings of ginger beer.

Dave said...

Odd that the west of the country should be impressed by The East.

Rog said...

Geoff: You could have been the Dorset Banksy! Sounds more reliable than Northern Rock.

MDF: Now ive put your initials down I can't stop thinking of Handy Bloody Andy!

Z : Only after we had fooled the smugglers to go into the cave and called a constable.

Dave: Nope... You've got me there....

Christopher said...

Good stuff. In your last photo I'd have turned to face the camera if you'd asked me. I didn't know you went on Saga outings, too.

Rosie said...

I certainly hope you didn't ruin the day with a Coors lager.

Macy said...

Oh happy dog photos.. I just love seeing happy dog photos
Shame Poundbury didn't have a Poundsavers though.

Rog said...

Christopher: I wondered if that was you facing East.

Rosie: Coors I didn't!

Macy: There's 2 very happy dogs here this week! Although they weren't so keen about being dragged round Poundland to see the architecture.