Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Bloggrolling On!

I was surprised to glimpse at my weekly email from Mr Statcounter to see that my normal pedestrian 600 footfalls a week had suddenly shot up to 14,700. I don't normally bother about navel gazing my stats, luvvies, but had to find out what the sudden interest in this little corner of the internet was all about.

I imagined it was one of my witty "thinkpieces" taking a wry, spry, dry sideways look at the issues of the day. It wasn't.

Turns out it was two posts which had suddenly achieved Worldwide attention.

1. A picture of Pingu.

2. This post which I'd written for the lovely Kaz before it transpired she'd gone in hospital.

Funny old World.

Here's a panoramic stitch-up picture from the early morning dog walk today.


Dave said...

Will we still be allowed to comment here when you become a famous celebrity?

Z said...

Two posts written in March suddenly gained an extra 14,000 hits? How strange

Sarah said...

This panoramic stuff is all very clever, but haven't you got Christmas presents to wrap?

Rog said...

Dave: Possibly...

Z: It's a mystery!

Sarah: I need to purchase them first!