Monday, 21 March 2011


It was very sad, if not entirely unexpected, to learn yesterday that leading Blogger Kaz died on St Valentine's Day after a year long fight against Cancer.

When I first started blogging five or six years ago (with the assistance of a certain Labrador Cross) it was Kaz who became one of my first commenters to introduce the true flavour of blogging. Up until then I'd been leaving comments at random on leading blogs and not getting so much as a lol. Kaz did blogging as it should be, regular three times a week posts with lots of humour, honesty, gossip and pictures - her comments box was as essential a stop as the Blue Boar Services on the M1 in the 1970's. She became a welcome regular to my blog and I looked forward to hers, a vital infusion of wit and charm when I was working in a Company that possessed neither.

Just over a year ago, in retrospect about the time she must have been given her medical prognosis, I wrote a post recalling that it had been a year since Mr Murph had passed on. After a batch of sympathetic comments a few days passed and then came this comment from Kaz, which turned out to be one of the last few individual comments she made on my blog:

I remembered.
I found out just before I had to go round to Kev's for tea.
I was so upset that I had to explain.
I told him that I had a secret blog and that a dog who wrote my favourite blog had died.
Amazingly he understood and was very understanding.
I'll always love Murph.
24 January 2010 17:47
Lovely words and all the more poignant since she must have known at the time what her condition entailed.
Thanks, Kaz, for all your kind words and our little subset of the blog World will miss you terribly - it just won't be the same. The parting advice you passed on to Kev were "enjoy life". In Mr Murph's terms I suppose that would be translated as "full-on or fast asleep".


Dave said...

Now you've gone and made me cry again.

beth said...

What Dave said!

Arabella said...

It feels necessary to be around other people who miss Kaz.

Sarah said...

Nicely said Rog

Christopher said...

Very sensitively put, Rog. Thank you. I didn't know Kaz well. I came to her through you and Mr Murph. We had one or two very witty exchanges - she had a very fine wit - over the past two or three years, that I felt enriched by, as I'm sure all those in more regular contact with her did. In the months before her death I felt I knew her so marginally that my presence in her comments column would be intrusive. I regret it now. RIP.

Geoff said...

I had tears when Murph died so you can imagine what I'm like now.

Which were these leading blogs, Rog? I always thought ours were.

Macy said...

Rog - I came to Murph's blog through Kaz's, way way back!
Now I'm outed. I was an old silent lurking FAN.
And Kaz is SO missed!

Martin H. said...

This is the third time in a week, that I've heard news of the passing of a star blogger. So sad. I can't say we were regular visitors to each other's blogs, but we did exchange one or two lively comments along the way.

Tim said...

As another passive fan of Kaz, thanks Rog.

Zig said...


Liz said...

A great loss to bloggy-world and an even greater one to those who knew her in real life.

RIP Kaz.

Z said...

Dearest Rog, you put it beautifully. Thank you.

savannah said...

i have a postcard she sent me sitting in front of me now. RIP kaz. xoxoxo

MJ said...

I'm proud to be a member of the KAZ fan club.

Scarlet Blue said...

One of the best wits on the blog.
Will never forget.
And she introduced me to Dave.