Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Making Mountains

We're back from three days away in the Lincolnshire Wolds staying in a cottage on a farm with lots of cows and horses and a pack of seven (7) Springer Spaniels who roamed free all day then all slept in a seething spaniel mass in the farmer's kitchen. Oz was soooo jealous!

Here's one Spaniel called Horace calling for Oz. And below is the view from the cottage - the farmer and his wife on horseback climbing the hill to inspect the cows with the Spaniel Gang zig-zagging behind them.

Anyone who still thinks Lincolnshire is flat needs to check out the Wolds. Here are a couple of shots from the highest point in the Wolds on Saturday evening.

When we got back to flat ol' Norfolk we found that a rampant family of moles had thoughtfully constructed a model of the Lincolnshire Wolds in the back garden! Right - no more Mr Nice Guy!


Geoff said...

No wonder the moles were angry. You could have taken them with you!

Rog said...

Geoff: They've got the right hump!

Dave said...

I lived in the flat bit of Lincolnshire for many years. Then I went to college in Lincoln, at the top of Steep Hill (which does what it says on the tin).

Norfolk isn't completely flat - it's just that the rolling bits don't rise far above sea level.

KAZ said...

You lot - you're always off on holiday.

Macy said...

I can't believe that no one has pointed out that you are making MOUNTAINS out of MOLEHILLS!
Tee hee.

Dave said...

I can't belive Kaz said that. Even with her tongue in her cheek.

Liz said...

Horace is an excellent name for a dog!

I can't say too much about frequent holidays given that Sir B and I have been away several times this year. What is the attraction of Lincolnshire Rog?

Rog said...

Dave: Steep Hill is harder than Scafell Pike. It's harder than Magnus Pike.

Kaz: I can't believe you said that Kaz. That's like being accused of profligacy by Elton John.

Macy: Sometimes the blindingly obvious can hit you in the face!

Dave: What do you know about Kaz's tongue and cheek?

Liz: Actually it was this.

Richard said...

My great grandfather was called Horace. He wasn't a Springer Spaniel though.

Liz said...


I see that, like me, you are forced to go to Lincolnshire because you have family lurking there. At least you get to go to the interesting bit. My parents live in the flat, dull bit near Boston.